jam donuts

Hot Jam Donut

Fryer Hire

Jam donuts come pre made and frozen

cook only for 30 secs per side and presto

Youre’ at the footy or at the royal Melbourne show

 we use the same pre made donuts the big show vans use so the taste and experience is exactly the same.

Not only are our Hot Jam Donuts mouth watering they are low in fat.

Mini Express offer the ideal pastry for a quick snack. Whilst maintaining a high standard of quality our Jam Donuts are easy to cook and simple to serve.


$80 per hire

hire includes

equipment tested and tagged

Donut shortening avail at $20 per load

Jam Donuts avail at $70 per 100 (Box)

Proof of identity.

Victorian Drivers Licence or similar photo I.D

 Price is for pickup only

  Please call or email for special pricing

For more information please contact us either via email


 You may also call us at

0412 535 950

We look forward to serving you.